Our Approach

Why I do what I do

I have seen the challenges that many business owners have in building their business.  This Girl Friday can be the helping hand, the one that can help their business be all that it can be.  I want to see businesses thrive and grow.  That is the heart of America.

Our Story

My Story

After helping my husband grow his business and helping grow another business I realized my passion.  I love seeing small business owners take their business to the next step.  I love helping business owners understand their financials and also learn how to take their business farther.

All about me

After taking several years out of the job market to raise my children I began helping my husband build his business and  take it to the next step.  Not long afterwards, I also began working an office job in property management for 4 years.  In those years I worked in  property management, the  company grew about 400%.  In helping those businesses grow I realized that I was passionate about helping small businesses grow. I love seeing owners understanding their financials and reaching their dreams.

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